I developed a killer 7-step process that allows me to understand your needs, build efficiently, and deliver fast. Here it goes:

Freelancer Web Designer - Rod
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Take your website to the top! Get found by your target audience and increase traffic and conversions with our tailored approach.


Ranging from branding to website design, we’ll help you stand out online and attract your ideal customers. With passion!


Going from custom integrations to e-commerce solutions, we’ll help you reach your goals and grow your business.


From landing pages to targeted ad campaigns, we’ll help you connect with your target audience and see results.


UX Designer (User Experience Design)

Jun 2018 – BrainStation Vancouver

Activities and societies: User Research, Sketching & Wireframing, Information Architecture, and Prototyping.

Master of Business Administration

Mar 2009 – ESAMC

Activities and societies: Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management and Information, People Management, Business Strategy, Business Skills and Career Planning, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Financial Viability Study, Business Plan.

Bachelor's degree in Business Management

Feb 2007 – University UNIP

Activities and societies: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, Logistics, and Foreign Trade.

Work Experience

Freelancer Web Designer


Jul 2018  – I Love To Do Websites

Designing custom websites that meet clients’ needs and help them achieve their goals. I also have experience in digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO) and email marketing.

UX/UI Lead Designer


2012 – KIAI Agency

I’m responsible for enhance user experiences for digital products and services. I conduct user research, create wireframes, develop information architecture, and prototype.

WordPress Developer

Jan to Jun 2018 – Techtone (Vancouver)

Designing, developing, and maintening websites utilizing the WordPress platform. Involved in web design projects, setting up e-commerce systems, managing servers, and collaborating with teams.


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Best Web designers in Maple Ridge

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An Overview of ROD By Those Who Know Them Best

- a.k.a my copywriter.

If there’s one thing you should know about Rod Pancine, it’s that he’s not just another web designer – he’s an artist, and he’s an educator. For more than a decade, he’s worked passionately in the boundless trenches of the web design industry, and in that time, he’s learned a thing or two. Now, with the launch of his business, I Love To Do Websites, he’s shifted his focus to using his voice to help small businesses and solopreneurs find their own.

I Love To Do Websites has opened a whole new can of worms for Rod, helping him realize where his passions and talents truly lie: in educating others and helping them create a unique and captivating identity. This passion has manifested itself in a course Rod has been developing, called The Web Design Revolution, aiming to put the power of web design into the hands of designers and creatives. Rather than relying on web design agencies and technical skills designed for large-scale industry, The Web Design Revolution empowers small businesses, solopreneurs, and people promoting their own art.

When he’s not working on sowing the seeds of revolution, Rod is usually found working on one of his many personal projects. Lately, he’s been working on his podcast: One-Man Business, a show helping solo entrepreneurs to learn the basics and secrets of sales, marketing, design, health, and self-improvement from experts in these fields. It’s designed to be simple, upbeat, and accessible to all genders. This project speaks to Rod’s attitudes on breaking into the industry – with enough confidence, any solopreneur can take their idea off the page, and transform it into a thriving business.

Another of his recent projects is a folk duet with his wife called Folk and Love, a personal creative pursuit blending music, art, and why not: web design. 

If you weren’t already convinced about how important art and creativity is to him, Rod did  the Forty in 40 project, where he took on the challenge of creating 40 unique works of art in 40 days, all before his 40th birthday. It might sound crazy, (and maybe it is) but it’s the perfect challenge for a creatively-minded, highly motivated artist like Rod.

To sum it up, there’s basically nothing as important to Rod as pushing creative boundaries. He believes that art doesn’t just belong in the studio, or on the canvas. Art is all around us, and the more we let it into our day-to-day work, the more beautiful the world will become.