BNI Marinaside Guests!

Some of the Marinaside members joined me to share their stories and expertise. Check this out!

Join Rod and the Graphic Designer Flavie Dufrenne on my first podcast about Logo and Visual Identity for solopreneurs, consultants, or business owners. Learn the basics and get some tips before designing (or redesigning) your Brand.

In this podcast, Bethany Lamb talks about how can we leverage Social Media Ads to get more business. For solopreneurs, I know it’s scary. But it works. So why don’t we get the most out of it?

Know the basics of SEO with Nick Man, a Digital Marketer with an expertise in SEO. With an entrepreneurial spirit and continuous pursuit of excellence, Nick helps great businesses grow through online marketing as a partner at IIAS.

Journalist and Video Producer Jordan Wade talks about Profile-Videos and their impact when growing your business (especially for solopreneurs).

Are you sure you are protected? Omer Segoly, experienced IT provider and Cyber Security specialist walks us through the basic solutions we should have and gives an overview of today’s crazy environment online. Get Ready!

Simon Rochfort studied film, graphic design, and art, before diving deep in the visual arts. This amazing Portrait & Headshot Photographer is positive that the quality of your profile picture increases your bottom line. I agree.

Nicole Porter is a Holistic Nutritionist and Healthy Weight Loss Coach with certifications in Personal Training, Pilates, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. We had an awesome and sincere conversation about stress, diet, screen time, exercise and water. Check out her work at

In this episode, Pablo Leites shares what to do when you need to grow or when things happen. You know what I mean … Pablo is co-owner and VP of Corporate Finance at UNITI Business Funding, with over 15 years of finance, business development, and international business experience.